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I’m arranging my sketches with construction notes and details so I can file them away in a sort of pseudo tech pack for costumes I do. I got the green light from teachers and industry-working friends that it was a good idea and advice on how to arrange it. :> When the costumes are finished I’ll photograph a model wearing it to display in order to keep a more professional image. Some other pages I’ll add in after are measurements/sewing details, fabric samples/sourcing, and WIPS/photographs!

All my costumes are gonna have like, 15~20 pages lmao my poor binder.

I’m posting these now because I hope they reach out and help other cosplayers who might need ideas of closures/materials/details, ect. I’m pretty detailed-oriented (lol) so while I’m focused only on my own costumes I think it’ll be a valuable resource that I want to share.

Happy cosplaying! <3

Do not remove sources. I am the designer who illustrates and theorizes these concepts, so whether it’s fashion or cosplay, these illustrations should still be credited.

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